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No more lace tugging against your beloved pet with EZ-PET. This retractable dog leash extends a full 16.5 feet and features a brake and a lock to let you decide how far your pet should go. Heavy-duty, this leash works very well for medium-sized and smaller dogs, giving them maximum freedom while under your control. It includes a roll of 20 bag dispensers which lets you clean up what your dog leaves behind.

  • Walk your dog with confidence with the favorite animals retractable dog Leash
  • Favorite Animals retractable dog Leash has a built-in premium quality, superior durability and an attractive design.
  • Its shock-resistant housing has an ergonomic soft grip handle, making it easy for one-handed operations and now the ideal tool for walks with your pet.
  • That makes handbrake, release system and rewind much easier while you walk them only at desired distances.
  • When the button is released, the cable is extended and Wander's last intervening around rigid for up to 16 ft away.
  • Simply press the lock button and then pull back the release button limit for the length of the strap.
  • Then, push the release button forward easily to call your dog closer to you.
  • Includes bag dispensers and spare bags for cleaning practice while not taking long to continue.
  • Stretch reaches a full 16.4-foot (5 m) belt length.

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