Replacement Grass Mat for Pet Potty Tray

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Our grass replacement mat, adopts premium PE materials with lushness and tough turf, abrasion resistant and soft to touch. Comes with highly permeable backing materials to drain wee or water quickly. Not only used as a replacement mat for pet potty tray, but also can be used as a door mat to collect dirt. Rinse both sides of the mat with water and let it air dry. Wide application and make you and your furry friend’s life easier.

  • Made of premium PE materials present the appearance of real and lushness grass. The turf is so soft to the touch that pets will be hard to distinguish it from real grass. Turf Mat is safe on even the most sensitive pet paws.
  • Constructed with a highly-drainable backing material to maximize draining capacity, with drainage holes to help urine and clear water wee away quickly, and the porous grass avoids wet paws after the dog use. Avoid any mess for potty time.
  • Our turf rug is designed to be washed and re-used endlessly. Just take out the hose and rinse both sides of the mat with water. Let air dry and any odor will be eliminated. It is convenient for you to wash one while the other is available for use.
  • Our grass mat can be placed anywhere you like. It has many uses beyond pet potty training. Use it as a mud mat to collect dirt before it gets tracked into your house. Put it in your pet’s cage to make them feel more comfortable.
  • Use indoor, porches, patios, balconies, backyard, apartment, pet carriage etc., portable and weatherproof, make you and your furry friend’s life easier.

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