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With the simple push of a button, Silky Smooth’s Professional Tulip Automatic Hair Curler will give you sophisticated, salon worthy style. Suitable for all hair types, the curl chamber is specifically designed to effortlessly capture and curl your hair without pain or tangles. The smooth tourmaline interior of the curl chamber uses negative ions to evenly heat your hair and leaves you with a frizz free, perfectly shaped curl that lasts all day. With the left or right spin buttons, you choose the direction of your curls.

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How To Curl Your Hair With A Curling Iron


  • Suitable for fine, medium, and coarse hair.
  • Simple design lets you select curl direction.
  • Automatic rotating barrel creates effortless, perfect curls every time.
  • Moisture retention is maintained, and styling damage is not a concern due to heat being evenly disbursed throughout the surface of the barrel.
  • Customize your curls with our simple to adjust temperature settings - up to 410°F (210°C).
  • Far infrared heat and negative ions help condition and protect hair while curling it.
  • 1 hour auto shut off safety feature.
  • Adjustable temperature to suit your hair type.
  • Pain and tangle free.
  • An easy to read LCD digital display which shows temperature, curl direction, and timer.
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Intelligent Heat Control

  • Customizable Temperature Selection: Select 370°F for fine hair, 390°F for medium hair, and 410°F for coarse hair.
  • Customizable Timer Length: Select 15 seconds for fine hair, 17 seconds for medium hair, and 19 seconds for coarse hair.
How To Curl Hair With Curling Iron

Whatever your hair type, the Professional Tulip Automatic Hair Curler can give you enduring curls that will last way past 5 o’clock. Unlike many styling devices and curlers, our curler’s customizable experience ensures that your hair is protected from heat damage. Due to our ceramic heat technology which utilizes far infrared heat and negative ions, your hair will be left shinier, healthier and silkier after every use. If you are looking for easy to achieve, glamorous curls, then look no further!

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