Portable Water Bottle For Pets

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when you travel with your pet on the way. drinking fresh water is achieved and easy
Relax with pets for any sporting events. have a picnic, or for a hike. Our water bottle is the best choice for your pet to rehydrate.



Waste Less Water:

Water bottle is so easy to use; by squeezing the bottle and locking the top, water is released into the bowl so your pet can easily drink, once they’re done, unlock and squeeze the bottle to drain water back into the bottle, helping you to waste less water

2 in 1 Design:

Finally an easy way to keep your pet hydrated while you’re on the go, the 2 in 1 design features a travel water bottle combined with a built in water bowl, the water bottle holds water from a fresh trusted source, the fold cap acts as the bowl for your furry friend, so there is no need to carry an extra bottle or bowl to hydrate your pet on the go

Leakproof Design:

Pet water bottle is designed with an easy twist lock mechanism located at the bottom of the silicone bowl; twist the lock to create an air tight seal that helps prevent water from leaking out of the bottle

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