Plush Polar Bear Squishy Stuffed Toy

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In search of the cutest and snuggliest stuffed toy bear toy? Search no more! Hakol proudly presents the ultimate toy bear! Get yours today and make the most thoughtful birthday party gift. Great for girls, boys, party favors and animal themed parties.

  • Designed to please even the most demanding parent needs, our plush polar bear toy is velvety soft, irresistibly squishy and extremely cute. Your kid is going to love playing with it. Hold it in your hands, squeeze, touch and feel its smooth coating.
  • We know how important hygiene is for you and your kids. That is why this stuffed bear toy is machine washable. When it’s cleaning time simply toss it in the washing machine with the rest of the laundry and let it do the rest. Hassle-free cleaning is for real.
  • Our plush bear toy is generous in size yet easily portable. Its dimensions are 6.3"x 3.1"x 4.5". Use it as a hug n’ play toy, for lounging, like a sleeping buddy, a squeaky toy, learning bear partner, comfy napping pillow and the greatest traveling companion.
  • Facilitate traveling and make that long car ride easy and fun with the cutest animal bear companion. The Hakol stuffed bear toy will keep your kids busy and happy for many hours. Provide them with a sense of comfort, confidence, and security.

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