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In winter, many dogs and cats feel as cold as their owners. Coldness can lead to illness and difficulty in sleeping. In order to keep your dog warm and healthy in winter, you must choose a comfortable and safe heating pad for them to ensure that they spend a happy and warm winter.

Our Pet heating pad is specially designed to provide your pet with a warm winter. It feature intelligent temperature controller with high-quality circuit board to heat rapidly and prevent overheating and burning, ensure pet safety and prolong the service life of the product.

Don’t forget your beloved member of family.


  • Upgraded Heating Pad for Pets: Upgraded 17.7 x 17.7inches heating pads keep your beloved family members (dog, cat, rabbit, etc.) warm and comfortable when spend winter. An ideal gift for senior pets, arthritic pets, new born pets, pregnant pets or animals recovering from illness or injury, etc.
  • Waterproof & Moisture-proof Pet Heating Pad: Durable oxford fabric and waterproof material for long- lasting, comfortable, flexible, waterproof, dust free, anti-electric shock (ensure your pet's safety), easy to clean by hand.
  • Power-off Protection Temperature Control: Intelligent high/low temperature controller with high-quality circuit board prevents overheating and burning (The temperature can be adjusted between 95℉-104℉). It can avoid overheating to ensure pet safety and prolong the service life of the product.
  • Rapid Heating Technology: The product can achieve rapid heating within 5 minutes, no need to wait long time anymore. It is recommended that you can use high temperature to quickly raise the temperature to the ideal temperature and then switch to low-temperature to keep constant temperature.
  • Pet Security: Chewing-resistant Cord and UL listed Adapter can better protect your pets from getting electric shock, which is perfect for those naughty pets who love to bite. Note: Indoor use only.
  • Care Instructions: Unplug the heater pad and clean with a damp cloth. Do not plug in until the pad is completely dry.
  • Dimensions: 9.45 x 2.76 x 4.72
  • Please keep the pad flat when it in use (do not put it on sofa);
  • Don't fold it when you use.
  • Don't wash and clean dry;
  • Put it away from children;
  • Switch off the pad when you leave;
  • Do not use it when it gets wet;

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