Pet Grooming Glove

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This pet glove is great for haired dogs, cats and bunnies to groom and remove shedding hair. It utilizes optimum thermos-plastic-rubber and silicone that makes it soft, comfortable and durable. With the glove, you can keep your lovely pets from getting hairballs and get them to have a gentle, relaxing massage that makes daily pets grooming and bathing with less challenge. Besides, there are less fur on your furniture and clothes, and less dander and allergens in the air.

  • Brush your bunnies, cats and haired dogs away from dirt, dander, and shedding hair.
  • 5 fingers design allows you to groom the places even hard to reach.
  • 178 silicone nodes ensure collecting more shedding hair without hurting.
  • Easy to peel off the hair which sticks enough to the glove.
  • Adjustable velcro wrist closure for a custom fit.
  • Soft mesh cloth makes for easy clean and fast dry.
  • Dimensions: 9.1 x 0.03 x 6.3

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