Personalized Dog Harness - Adjustable No Pull Strap

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Size: XS
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 The world's first harness with interchangeable patches you can choose from countless different patch options to express your dog’s personality, mood, or to display useful information on your harness.

They allow your dog more free movement and create no pull on the neck around the throat unlike certain collars. Everyone wants to be comfortable when walking so why would you want any less for your dog?


Professional control for urban walks: IDC Powerharness is your dog harness for bustling days, early morning walks, and getting around safely. It is a harness you can fit in one move and count on when you need it

Sturdy construction for everyday use: The handle atop the harness allows you to control your dog with confidence. Reliability and durability are guaranteed by the shatterproof buckle, and the use of first class materials. The reflective elements of the harness ensure good visibility, and the first class lining provides comfort.

Safety : The harness contains various features that increases not only your dogs safety but also yours. All contain reflective straps to ensure the dog is visible if you decide to walk in the dark. As well as this it also features a D-ring, this is robust and secure. Attach your leash and feel at ease.

One-click fit for daily use: To make your bustling days go smooth, the harness can be fitted in a single move

Personalise your dogs harness with a name & or number. Simply add the number to the same box if you are wanting both.

Size Table (cm)':

Size       Chest            Neck           Weight (kg)
XS          39-47          30-38              3-7
S            45-58          36-47              6-12
M            51-67          47-64              11-24
L             66-90         50-68              23-38
XL           71-97         56-77              28-43
XXL         75-101       61-85              40-60

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