Paws & Pals Self-Warming Dog Crate Mat

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The Paws & Pals Self-Warming Crate Mat helps keep your pet toasty on cold nights without using electricity. Instead, it channels your pet’s natural body heat to create a warm and cozy bed in the safest way possible. This self-warming mat has ultra-soft microfleece on top for snuggling and napping and a textured bottom to reduce slipping. It's great for your home, road trips, vacations and fits most crates and carriers.

  • Uses your pet's natural body heat to create a warm and cozy spot without electricity.
  • Self-warming mat is made from ultra-soft microfleece that provides a snuggly surface for napping.
  • Made without parabens, harsh dyes, chemicals or treatment.
  • Features a textured bottom to reduce slipping.
  • Fits most crates and carriers, so you can take it with you on your next vacation or during your next trip to the vet.
  • 37 x 25 in

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