Paws & Pals Dog Chew Rope Cotton-Braided Fetch Teething Play Toy - Blue

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Paws & Pals, a leader in pet products and accessories is proud to present a brand new line of Catch N' Play Toys. A fun and effective way to stop your dog from chewing on sneakers, phone chargers, and bedding, as well as preventing additional destructive behavior. These puppy chew toys are an excellent way to entertain your canine for hours on end. They're a terrific option to redirect bad biting behavior while reducing separation anxiety, stress, and boredom. Just toss the toy and watch them fetch, but you better be prepared for a game of tug-o-war, because no dog will want to let go of these durable chew toys. A wonderful gift for your dog's birthday, they are available in a variety of styles and are bound to be your puppy's favorite new toy.

  • Dimensions: 18" inches circumference.
  • Playtime: The dog toys ball shape is perfect to chew, toss, and fetch.
  • Stress Less: Chew toys for dogs will help decrease separation anxiety, while reducing stress and building self-esteem to promote intellectual development for a happier, healthier, and smarter dog.
  • Corrective Behavior: Let your dog chew on this ball shaped rope toy to help redirect bad biting behavior. A great way to protect your furniture, shoes, clothes, and more.
  • All Dogs: The dog chew toys aren't just for teething puppies, but for small, medium, and large breed dogs as well.

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