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Massage means an action to promote metabolism by stimulating our body with physical strength. While message is usually associated with dazzling technique by an expert, you can correct your asymmetrical face and manage your contour, from which tour face gets smaller and your skin gets brighter NECK WRINKLE CARE + LIFTING UP EFFECT

Stick formula helps remove neck wrinkles that are tricky to address with ease and convienience, and acupressure treatment makes more elastic.


Stick, which realizes the strength and from of Gua Sha tools as they are, enables Gua Sha massage without anti-aging cream or any other tool.  


This Stick takes the form of Gusha tools fixed to skin and provides lifting massage and nutrients, while giving acupressure massage to skin or stimulating skin along skin's curve line.   HAIRLINE ELASTICITY
  • Eye area lifting
  • Facial area lifting
  • Below chin (DOUBLE CHIN) Skin Tightening
  • Improving skin’s curve’s lines
  • Improving skin’s blood circulation
  • Helping with Anti-Aging
  • Skin tightening
  • Eyelid elasticity
  • Loose-cheek tightening
  • Lip area lifting
  • Elasticity for Neck Area/ Neck wrinkles
GRAB IT if you have the concern below
- HAVING an asymmetric face.
- A BURDEN of costly beauty tools.
- CRUMBLY skin caused by insufficient nutrients in need of radiance.
- DULL skin in need of whitening / elasticity care.
- ROUGH skin texture that prevents make-up.
- WANTING to get meridian massage of spa conveniently
  • Contains collagen and peptide properties, leaving skin luminous and supple
    • Gua Sha meridian massage effect and skin's blood circulation-enhancing effect
    • Each application with a gently pressing touch helps smooth out the appearance of swollen skin
    • Contains oil properties rich in nutrients, and helps with hydration and nutrient treatment
    • With vitamin properties, skin looks cleaner and brighter

            HOW TO USE

            After adjusting skin texture, apply the curves of the product to skin. Use B,C sides for neck, chin, cheeck and A side for eye area and forehead. Twist up less than 1 cm to use due to the characteristic of stick texture.

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