Lightweight Flap Pet Door Cats Small Dogs Anti-Insects Quiet Magnet Locking Gate

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One of the most outstanding features about this cat door is that it has a manual plunger locker for safety protection. Therefore, it keeps your pets safe and the thieves won’t easily sneak into your house.

  • The size of external diameter of the door is 11.8 inches and the length of flap door measures 8.5 * 7.2 inches. The overall thickness of cat door is 1.65 inches. It is suitable for both cats and small dogs.
  • This type of cat door is made from a lightweight and sturdy material-PVC plastic. It comes with a see-through flap door that keeps air conditioning from escaping in summer and meanwhile, prevent cold wind from coming in during winter.
  • The screws have been reinforced so that it can make the cat door more stable and keep it from falling on the ground. The flap door is movable so that cats can go in and out in a convenient way. It is easy to install without requiring too many replacement tools.
  • The door frame filled with fine filling hair can keep insects out of the house and when cats are going through, it won’t make a sound. The magnet at the bottom of the cat door can help fix the flap door firmly. It is equipped with a plunger locker to ensure safety.
  • The package we provide includes almost everything you need. For instance, a cat door; a pack of screws; a warranty card and a user manual for installation. It is of great convenience anyway.
  • Color: White
  • Material: PVC
  • Product Weight:1.5lb

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