Light Up Toy Car Track Accessories Racing Car with 5 Flashing LED Lights

Type: Rescue Van
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The cool tracks cars can stimulate children’s imagination. Each racing car has 5 inside LED lights, ultra-bright and colorful on days and nights.

  • Each vehicle compatible with most race tracks set such as dinosaur tracks and rainbow tracks. (Track Inner Width need to be equal or more than 2.2 inches so that the car can run smoothly. Inner width is the distance between the inner sides of 2 track edges. If not the car might jump out of the track).
  • For yellow truck, the on/off button on the top. For the blue auto bus and red rescue car, on/off button are at the bottom. Kids can easily start the cars and then they will be attracted by the 5 LED flashing lights.
  • Each Toy Car requires 2 AA battery (NOT included in the package) to power the engine and 5 bright LED lights. The brightness of these 5 lights will consume more battery than other car models with only 3 or 4 LED light. We suggest you to purchase the rechargeable battery to save battery cost for long-term usage.

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