Leak-Proof Dog Water Dispenser with Drinking Feeder for Pets

Type: Silicone
Color: Pink
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Whether you and your pet are taking a long trip, walk, or spending quality time at home, this water bottle is the perfect choice for you and your pet! One-hand operation and one-key open and lock makes it very easy to hydrate and care for your dog or cat without risking messy leaks or water waste. Simply press the water key to fill pure water and release the key to stop the water flow. All parts are conveniently detachable and easy to rinse/dry quickly and efficiently.

  • The sealed silicone ring ensures no water leakage so you will not be concerned about your backpack or other property getting unnecessarily wet or damaged. The large trough can be used to recover and save unused water. When you are finished feeding your pet, press the button to let extra water flow back into the bottle. This reduces waste and conserves water.
  • Keep your pet healthy, happy, and hydrated with high-quality, food-grade, lead-free and BPA-free, durable plastic. This water bottle comes fully equipped with an easy-to-hang, on-the-go handle to make for convenient carrying while enjoying quality time with your pet. Perfect for camping, walking, traveling and other indoor and outdoor activities.
  • 14oz/ 400mL volume for practical amounts of safe, freshwater for camping, hiking, traveling, or indoor playtime. The portable and convenient size allows for transportation in a medium-sized or large pocketbook or backpack so your pet can enjoy fresh water at any time!

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