Hands Free Running Bungee Dog Leash - Assorted Colors

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If you are a runner and you have never run with your dog hands free, you are totally missing out. You probably notice that it’s not super convenient to hold a leash in one hand while you are running. Your shoulders and back ache, and your running times are not the best. Our lightweight hands free leash allows you to get your natural running motion back.

If you are an active mom you know what it's like to juggle a stroller, a toddler and your other fur child at the same time. This leash allows you to keep both of your hands on the stroller and stay focused on your little one.

If you and your pup like to go off the beaten path this is the leash for you! Our durable and weather resistant materials will hold up against the toughest conditions. Our built in shock absorbing bungee will help you keep your balance and footing when your buddy decides to take a detour.

  • Comfortable hands-free running leash with quick release and reconnect
  • Ideal for running, walking and hiking with small or large dogs
  • Adjustable waist length
  • Secure stainless steel spring clip to easily attach to your dog's collar
  • Seams reflective design; increase visibility at night
  • Length(not included Waistline): 80cm/31.50"
  • Waistline: 50-110cm/19.69"-43.31"
  • Available in your choice of Red, Blue, and Black

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