Hakol Plush Kids Learning Tool Toys - Colorful and Soft With Sounds

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All of our tool playing toys are made of high-quality materials so as to stand the test of time and keep your kids entertained for much longer. They are lightweight, compact, plush and ultra soft. No more plastic parts falling apart. No more head bumps. No more worries for you and your kids!

  • Combines both sound and touch. Let your toddler explore these tool toys, hold them, squeeze them and have some fun. Each tool has a realistic yet calm sound that will attract your kid’s attention. Help your baby’s sensory development from an early age with Hakol toys!
  • Our plush tools come in a lovely carrier box for hassle-free storage and transportation. Now the fun never stops. Even on the go. Resembling a small house KIT the toolbox will keep all the toys neat and tidy till the next time!
  • Each tool carrier box includes 4 little and extremely cute tool toys. A wrench, a saw, a screwdriver, and a hammer. All of them tucked inside the storage box. These stuffed toys have bold and bright colors, funny sounds and beautiful designs. Make the most thoughtful and useful gift ever. Great for boys and girls.
  • Spend some quality time with your kids and Hakol tool toys. Teach them all about colors, numbers, sounds, shapes, and tools. Have fun, boost creativity, trigger imagination, promote hand to eye coordination, help them develop fine motor skills, engage them into endless pretend play!

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