Folding Sponge Mop for Floor Cleaning-Super Absorbent Sponge Head

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This is the mop head you have been looking for. Sweeping, mopping and waiting for the floor to dry can take up to an hour. Using the New Mop , you can clean up even sticky messes in seconds.


Hand Wash Free : Self-wringing, free your hands. Manual joystick, pull and lift, easy to squeeze water, it keeps your hands away from dirty mop, you can wring effortlessly without bend over, our mop relieves your fatigue and back pain, brings you a better experience.

PVA Mop Sponge : High quality PVA has strong water absorption, rapid softening and decontamination ability. The sponge with groove design can absorb dirt, hair, lint and sauce on the surface easily. Please soak the sponge into water if it is hardened, it will quickly soft.

Widely Used : Multi function and wide application. Suitable for different types of surface such as wood, tiles, marble, concrete, window and more. Perfect in dinner room, bedroom, bathroom, office, school, cafes, stairs as your requirement.

Premium Material : This folding mop built with durable engineering plastic, which is formed in one time, sturdy stainless steel pole, no paint no rust, and 2pcs PVA sponges. It' also suitable for commercial and industrial applications. Extremely good value.

Easy To Install : Just rotating installation in clockwise, click the sponge into the slots in both directions, a absorbent sponge mop is done, with height 49". It can be hanged by the hanging hole in the top of mop handle. Use space as economically as possible.


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