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Did you ever try to find a way for your elder or injured pet to go up and down without causing too much fatigue and pain? Do you want to be hands-free to get your heavy large dog on and off the car safely? This foldable pet ramp is perfect for your furry friends. 
DURABLE AND STRONG MATERIAL : The pet ramps are made of durable plastic, durable and with a strong surface. It's sturdy enough to hold pets without excess wobbling or bending, giving even the largest dog a safe and comfortable walking surface.Raised rails on both sides of the walking surface help your pet feel more secure.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY : Weighing just 8.8 pounds, this pet stair is very light, but strong enough to support 150 pounds. With a foldable design, you can easily fold it in your car or anywhere you can store it. Lightweight design, will make you very convenient and easy to carry.

UNIQUE DESIGN : The surface of our pet ramp is designed with anti-skid ridges, providing great traction for pets in both wet and dry conditions up and down the ramp. The pet ramp is fitted with 4 rubber feet to keep the ramp stable and prevent the ramp from slipping when in use. At the same time, we have attached a roll of PEVA non-slip tape that can be attached to the pet ramp. Unlike sandpaper antiskid tape, our antiskid tape does not chafe your pet's feet and helps provide greater traction.

SIZING : Pet steps measure 62 inch L X 15 inch W X 3.4 inch H. Folding size measure 31.5 inch L X 15 inch W X 7.6 inch H.

SAFETY AND TIP : When you pack or use your pet ramp, the safety release lock on the ramp helps prevent accidental openings in the pet ramp.Recommend Setting Height: Under 28 inches.As the setting height increases, the product effect will decrease.
The high traction and skid-proof design can reduce the strain on pet’s joints and back, and enables your pet walks in the car steadily and safely. The pet ramp can be used for your car, truck, SUV, porch stairs, or in your house.
  • Ideal For Injured/Older Pets: This pet ramp recommended by professional veterinary can bring your injured furry friend the pain-free comfort and help to reduce muscle strain on pet's joints, buttocks and back when they get on and off car. It's better than pet car steps stairs.
  • Heavy-Duty & Durable: Made of high-quality PP plastic, designed with multi-point support on its back, this pet ramp can hold over up to 165lbs. It is claw-friendly and durable for long lasting.
  • Anti-Slip & Safe: The pet ramp has high traction walking surface and raised side rails, which could effectively prevent slips and keep your best friend safe walking on it. The 4 plastic pinch points make the ramp steady and keep your furry friend safe even on slippery places.
  • Foldable & Space Saving: The ramp is easy to use, and convenient to fold after use for storage or travel. It can be folded in half measuring31.5x 15.75x7.09 inch. The safety release latch can prevent accidental opening.
  • Wide Application: For both outdoor and indoor use. The pet ramp can be used for your car, truck, SUV, porch stairs, or even your bed to let your little friend walk up and down easily.

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