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Built-in microgravity technology, automatic shut off function brings much more safety from the hazard caused by forgetting to shut down the machine. Made of waterproof, wear-resistant and tempered glass, which is very easy to clean and durable to use. Safe, low power consumption and convenient coffee warmer is optimal for daily use. Always keep your hot coffee or tea at a drinkable temperature (125.6℉/52℃-131F/55℃). An ideal gift for your parents, coworkers even yourself.

  • Thanks to the microgravity technology, the cup warmer will automatically work when put mug on automatic heat zone, auto off when remove mug from heating plate. (Note: The cup should contain water to activate the gravity sensor)
  • Our mug warmer can turn hot water into warm water, and heat cold water into warm water. Keep or warm up the liquid temperature to as high as 131℉/55℃.
  • Suitable for various tableware, such as metal, ceramic, enamel, tile, high temperature plastic, glassware etc.. Flat bottom cup is recommended to keep constant warmth.
  • Come with 4 non-skid feet at the bottom to help support your mug and prevent spills. 16W low power consumption and excellent heat focusing, adopts waterproof tempered glass which allows it to evenly warm beverages while remaining safe and stable.
  • Keep the beverages( Coffee, Tea, Milk etc) warm whole day, making it a great gift for Friend, family, colleague and all your loved ones , Thanksgiving and Christmas, and other special occasions to express your sincere care.
  • Try to use a flat bottom cup and heat it faster. If the bottom of the cup is not flat, the heating speed will be slow.
  • If the weight of the cup is too light, it may not trigger the automatic switch sensing system. In this case, you need to manually press the switch button.
  • Be sure not mistake this warmer as a cooktop! If you have a hot cup of coffee you don't want to go cold, that's what we're here for-maintaining temperatures, not heating up leftover.

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