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Need a storage solution to tame the mess in your vehicle? This collapsible Car Trunk Organizer is designed for modern life. With so much of our time spent on the road, we need storage for all those odds and ends. Great for kids’ toys, baby items, gym clothes, snacks, jump cables, or anything really!

Velcro Car Trunk Organizer

A space for everything, this organizer has 4 internal dividers and pockets of varying sizes. See-through mesh side pockets let you quickly find what you need. When you don’t need it, collapse it in seconds and tuck it away.


  • Collapsible - When not in use, simply fold flat and buckle the straps. When collapsed, the trunk organizer is ½ in. wide, so it can slide under car seats.
  • Various Uses - Use in your compact car, SUV, or truck. With multiple compartments, you have plenty of space to store whatever you need.
  • Stain Repellant - The durable fabric resists stains, so your auto organizer stays clean even with kids in the car.  Plus, the black material easily hides scuffs or wear and tear.
  • 6 Pockets - The 4 mesh pockets are perfect for those items you need to grab in a hurry. The two larger side pockets have velcro flaps, so you can store personal items or things you don’t want on display.
Car Trunk Grocery Organizer

Manages the Mess

Don’t waste time looking for your things. Store all your car essentials in this handy organizer, so your car stays neat and tidy.

Easy Transfer 

With the carrying handles, you can quickly switch your organizer from one car to another. Have all your stuff in one place, no matter what car you’re taking.

Car Trunk Organizer Black 3 Large Sections Of Storage


  • Material: Oxford cloth
  • Expanded Size: 52 * 38.5 * 26cm
  • Folded Size: 40 * 28 * 2cm

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