Automatic Pet Feeder Self-Dispensing Gravity Pets Food Dispenser

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Are you looking for a reliable pet feeder on the market? If so, our uniquely designed pet feeder may interest you. Made from food-grade PP materials, it is non-toxic, odorless and safe to provide clean and healthy food for your pets. It can automatically refill bowls with fresh and dry food due to its gravity replenishment system and comes with 3.5L/1gal large food storage barrel to effectively decrease the frequency to replenish the food on the barrel to ease your time, especially if you are a pet parent with a busy lifestyle. Additionally, it is easy to clean through removing the barrel from the bowl base.

  • 3.5L/1gal Large Food Storage Capacity
  • Self-dispensing Gravity Pet Feeder
  • Health-Made Pet Food Dispenser
  • Easy-snap lid abd Anti-Slipping Bottom
  • Easy to Clean
  • Dimensions 14.17" × 8.66" × 6.3"

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