26-Piece Set: Liquid Chalk Markers Great For Non-Porous Surfaces

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It’s very probably that you’ve had colorful markers before, but not anything like these! With our vibrant and unique colors, you’ll be able to draw and design just about anything you want! Plus, we’ve included 26 liquid chalk nibs that are perfect for most surfaces!

  • This is the perfect set of 26 erasable liquid chalk markers for you! Featuring vibrant colors and reversible tips, this is a complete set that will allow your creativity to flow!
  • Work flawlessly on non-porous surfaces, including glass, mirrors, plastics, whiteboards, blackboards, windows, vinyl, chalkboards, wood and smooth walls. Plus, the water-based ink can be easily erased, should you want to draw something new!
  • Made with non-toxic materials and they’re specifically made to last. In fact, their ink will always stay bright and vibrant and the tips will never break.
  • You can simply flip the pen tip over to switch between bold and chisel tips. This way you can paint both fine and bold lines, a feature that will come in really handy for adults as well as kids!

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