2-Pack: Multipurpose Pet Safety Vehicle Seat Belt

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Drive out with your pet safely and happily with this vehicle seat belt pack that keeps your pet from moving around unsafely, prevents driving vision block/distraction and secures your pet when you have to slam on brake. Adjustable belt allows your pet to sit, stand, or lie down comfortably. Simply attach the carabiner to pet’s body harness and clip the belt tap directly into car’s seatbelt buckle.

  • Keep your pet restrained and secure in the vehicle even after a sudden stop
  • Prevents pets from distracting you or blocking your vision
  • Belt tap clips directly into seatbelt buckle
  • Swivel carabiner allows pet to spin around without tangling
  • Comfortable for small/medium/large pet to sit, stand, or lie down with adjustable length from 1.37ft-2.2ft/42cm-67cm and even longer when 2 belts are connected together
  • Easy and quick to buckle and unbuckle your pet
  • Works as a pet leash when 2 belts are connected together
  • The belt tap is 0.83”/2.1cm wide, please check the buckle in your vehicle for compatibility
  • Note: DO NOT attach the carabiner belt to pet’s collar
  • Dimensions 17.32" × 1.57" × 1.57"

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