Orthopedic seat cushion For Office Chair - Lumbar Support Pillow

Style: 2pcs - Ordinary Style
Color: GRAY
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This comfortable seat cushions is perfect for sedentary person. It provides additional support for you to maintain good posture and the natural curve of the spine. Cushions come with removable and breathable mesh cover.

Whether you are in office, studying at home, or resting on sofa, the back cushion always can provide enough support for your back and waist. 


SEAT AND BACK CUSHION SET : Our chair cushions improve your posture at your desk chair effectively, perfectly shape your body shape and keep you relaxed for long periods of time. Our premium memory foam seat cushion set can take pressure off your tailbone and provide more support for your lower spine. If you have a chair that has no back support or lumbar cushion, if you’ve been plagued by nagging back pain, our seat pad and lumbar support pillow are the excellent choice for position corrector.

COMFORTABLE CUSHION SET : Adding our seat cushions for office chair makes sedentary work painless. The back pillow and seat pad are suitable for office chair, game chair, wheelchair and car seat, and the back pillow won’t move around thanks to the two adjustable straps and the non-slip bottom ensure the seat pad stay in place well. You can move the back cushion up and down with the elastic straps. Feel your lower back where it naturally curves inward that is where the support should be placed.

PURE MEMORY FOAM ORTHOPAEDIC SEAT CUSHION : Our high-density memory foam seat cushions are super supportive while comfortable. No smell and with larger size perfectly molding to the contours of your legs and bottom. Our low back support pillow seat cushion set has super durability and never goes flatten. The pressure-relieving U shape cutout works wonders for sore lower back muscles, nerve pain, pregnancy-related back pain. Perfect cushion therapy both for men and women.

BREATHABLE & COOL MESH COVER :  We selected the top quality memory foam and soft and breathable cover featured with high-tech, keep air circulating and avoid accumulated heat, keep your back cool, comfortable and pain relieved on hot days or during long drives.


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